What’s all this then?
Purgatory Pub is a comic series about an Angel and a Devil who are friends. It is also about God, Lucifer, and The Archangels.  Also, booze and cigars play a big role.
It’s a series I have been working on for a few years now. The first half is completely done and bound into two volumes already. (Located here and here if you want them now)

I am serializing the story into a webcomic to hopefully get the word out about the story to as many people as possible.

Where did this story come from?
I grew up Catholic in the middle of a Southern Baptist area where I was told weekly that I was going to hell because “Catholics aren’t Christians.”  However on the weekends I played drums in metal bands where my band mates were mostly Atheists, Tony Lavey style Satanists, and a few Wiccans who were quick to tell me “You know that God stuff is all Bulsh** right?”

All the while I couldn’t help but notice that none of the ideologies should have gotten in the way of us being friends or just playing music together.

So I wrote a book about it.

Is this a screed for/against religion?

How many books will there be total?

How do you make this comic? Do you work digitally or with paper?
Everything but the lettering is done on paper. I pencil with a blue pencil lead, ink with a Pentel Pocket Brushpen, and do the grays with Copic Cool Gray markers. They are turned into neutral grays before they are posted or printed in a book.

lettering is done in adobe illustrator.  My fonts are Irish Stout, Smack Attack, and Sunday Comics all by Nate Piekos of Blambot.com

Why Gray? Why not color?
I wish I could say for metaphoric reasons about “there is no black and white, only shades of gray blah blah blah…” but the real reason is I am colorblind.

A colorblind professional illustrator? How does that work?
With a lot of anxiety and a WHOLE LOT of trial and error.

What’s with the Demon’s nipples?
You mean THESE?

He’s fat, so he has man-boobs. If he had no nipples, I’d hear you people ask, “where are his nipples?” So HERE THEY ARE!