My name is Gabriel Dunston. I was born and raised in Raleigh North Carolina. I’m the youngest of 5 children. I first developed a love of comics, art, and story telling from my elder brothers during the height of the mainstream comic industry in the early 90’s.  I began writing and drawing my own stories in grade school and began producing my own full comics in high school.

Visually, I have a cartoony style that conveys information with clarity and whimsy.
I have been freelancing for several years and I have references available upon request.

I live with my wife, my daughter, and our cat in my wife’s home town of Garner North Carolina.

When I’m not making art or telling stories, I am playing drums or my ukulele.

You can find me at these other places:
Tumblr –
Deviant Art –
Instagram – @GabeDunstonDraws
Twitter – @PookeyG
Youtube –

Need something Drawn? Written? Designed?