Hey There!

Thanks so much for joining me for this brand new pursuit. If you are new to Purgatory Pub, it is super good to have you, but if you are already familiar, I suppose an explanation is in order.

The sporadic nature of self-publishing my graphic novel series made things difficult to help spread the word about my work and made my interactions with people online sporadic at best. I had made a regular webcomic for a few years, and for several reasons, I thought it was a good idea to abandon the model. After 3 years (and two full volumes of comics) I had a chat with some trusted comics making friends who highly suggested that I take the comics I had made for Purgatory Pub thus far and treat them as a gigantic buffer and relaunch as a webcomic.  Their intentions were good, their arguments were strong, and I kind of missed having a regular interaction with the good folks of the internet. A few days of web designing and here I am again.

Please take some time to click around the site and get familiar with all the goodness there is here.

Updates will be one page every M-W-F. Because of a massive buffer, I can guarantee that pace will be consistent for a good long time.

Thanks so much for coming and I hope you enjoy reading.

–Gabe D.